We made Kyoto by way of bullet train. Our hotel isn’t a chain and is therefore a little more interesting and unique. More on that later. I’m up watching Game 7 of the Japan Series and hoping to have enough energy for a late night club.

The pics are all on the camera (except the ones on the phone and the old school film camera we purchased when we forgot to charge the electronics). So without a laptop, our sharing is going to be text-only until we get back to the states.

We had Italian food tonight … Or at least a Japanese take on it. It was surprisingly tasty and the Kyoto subway is about one trillion times less confusing than the Tokyo one.

Also, our Japanese history is so muddled. These temples and shoguns are really running together at this point. Their “recent history” is older than our nation, but they weren’t using “modern” technology in a lot of areas until relatively recently. It’s all very fascinating.

Also, everybody has been incredibly nice. We say that people in Alabama are nice, but I’m not sure it would be as easy for non-native speakers in our home as it has been for us here.

Ok, baseball is on. More soon as we can collect our thoughts.

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